Father, husband, missionary, giver, role model, friend, leader, and Pastor of Victory Life Church, James Sunnock, has helped guide my life for the past four years. I have had the opportunity to know James on a personal level and listen to his teachings, wisdom, advice, and life stories; and I must say, I strive to be more like him every day.

Growing up in the church, getting to know different pastors and christian leaders, there has never been anyone quite like James. No other pastor has influenced and impacted me as James has in just these past few years. I have seen what he is doing in my community, in Michigan, in our country, and even in the world. He truly practices, in action, what he preaches. As leader of the church, James makes the decision on exactly how finances are distributed. I’m not only impressed with how he distributes funds, I’m impressed that he is completely transparent, leaving no detail hidden, to the members of the church with he decisions concerning the church’s money. Last year, Victory Life Church was the main contributor for Battle Creek, Michigan’s Haven of Rest. Every year, James also decides to support communities in the Philippines and other international organizations in need. Every quarter, James provides a detailed breakdown of where the church’s tithes and offerings are going, how many people are being impacted throughout the world, and how many people have been impacted in our community. I believe one of the best qualities any leader can have is to be personal.

As a leader, one must be willing to show their true self to their followers in order to develop a strong, healthy relationship. James is just that. He doesn’t try to hide things, make himself look better than he is, or is too proud of himself. He puts himself on the level of the members of the church interacting with individuals on a weekly basis in order to get to know us better so he can serve as our pastor and our leader more effectively.

Not only is James Sunnock doing great things in our community and in the world, he demonstrates an understanding of the bible and how to live a godly life and conveys his message in a way like none other. I don’t mean to compare James to other pastors, I mean to say that James is the first pastor I have actually been deeply influenced by, where I think to myself, “Wow, I would like to be more like him.” Because James has taken the time to understand his followers, the members of the church, he is better equipped with the knowledge and skills to effectively teach the gospel. I have learned more about sustaining a relationship with God than I ever have in my life. Because of James’ example he has set for the church, I have felt more connected, accepted, and loved at Victory Life Church than I have at any other church. And the great thing is that he has affected hundreds of others, just like me.


Having James as my pastor and being able to witness his teachings and doings, I strive to be more like him. I strive to be giving, selfless, caring, understanding, brave, generous, personal, and above all, a follower of God. James has pushed me to be better in each of these areas and has shaped me into the person I am today. I still have much growth to do, not only with my faith, but as a leader.

James Sunnock is not just a pastor or an elder, he truly is a leader who influences and impacts multitudes of people. He sees where there is need, where there are weaknesses, and works to fulfill that need. He consistently tries to create a better environment and a better society by extending his efforts all around the world.



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