I not going to lie I wasn’t too ‘fired up’ for a history class but now that I am just weeks away from completing the course I can say that it was definitely beneficial (I guess the advisors know what they’re doing). The course was very similar to the ‘American History’ class we all took in high school but what was significantly different was the focus on historical leaders rather than historical events. We discussed the founding fathers and other leaders who were active during America’s early stages of development and significant presidents like Abraham Lincoln and FDR. History repeats itself which is why growing leaders like myself must be knowledgeable about good and bad happenings in history and the leaders that were involved. At age 19 I have started to witness history repeating itself within politics, fashion, and media. I can use history to prepare myself for what is currently happening and what could possibly happen.

I remember reading about important women during the Colonial Era and one specifically who caught my eye was Anne Hutchinson. I have only heard of her name a couple times in previous classroom discussions and the negative remarks that followed. Most teachers and professors will claim that she was a crazy, disruptive woman and a disgrace to her time (a past day Danielle Bregoli). But the more I read and researched about her I realized that there was so much more to her story. She didn’t get ahead because of her husband like many other historical female leaders (sorry Abigail Adams), she was strong in her own right. Anne demanded justice for minorities and inspired women and common-folk to pursue a future in education, politics, and in the church. The same issues that were happening 400 years ago are still happening now and while women’s rights and religious freedom have certainly improved since her time, we still have a lot of work to do. As a leader, she saw the vision of a better America and knew her responsibility was to fight for it. 

As a developing leader it is my responsibility to be aware current issues and to work towards justice, just like Anne Hutchinson. I have always been a forward thinker and have looked to current leaders as role models but I can learn just as much, if not more, than leaders of the past. So I guess this history course wasn’t as bad as I expected, in fact it gave me a better perspective on what my social responsibility is as a leader and how I can serve others more effectively.


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