I first heard about Program Board from a mentor who shared the same major as me. My question was, “What organizations on campus involve event planning?” I was at Program Board’s meeting the next week. I grew so close to the Executive Board and members so quickly I really felt like I found my place on campus.

I gave a small excerpt of Program Board on my Involvements Page and what its purpose is. In PB the E-Board is responsible for creating, planning, and executing events that range from concerts, comedians, craft nights, themed fairs, movie showings, etc. The members have the opportunity to volunteer and promote the events. The overall goal of PB is to provide diverse entertainment and programs for free or at an affordable cost to CMU students and community members.

Being a fresh freshman in her second week of college I wasn’t all that good at putting myself out there. I eagerly wanted to meet knew people and network, I just didn’t know how. The Special Events Director on the E-Board reached out to me and asked about my interests and my experiences so far in classes, Marissa really showed interest in my life. She helped me discover my desire and passion for planning events and to this day she has been my biggest role model in college.

An opportunity came along to apply for admission to a conference in Kentucky called NACA. Marissa encouraged me to apply even though I had no clue what the conference was about or what it entailed. Being the kind of person I am I said sure why not and went for it. Late October I hopped in a van with five people I barely knew and the adventure to NACA began. Once I got there I realized NACA was basically a weekend long “talent show” for emerging celebrities to advertise and showcase to members what they do. Okay that sounded a bit negative, but essentially that was the purpose of the conference – to provide members with knowledge, ideas, and resources for campus events. Their focus is on student and professional leadership development, program planning, event management, and diversity. PB sends their E-Board and two general members every year to gather ideas of who/what they might want to bring to campus, to develop as a stronger leader, and to meet other college’s Program Boards. It was a super fun weekend full of talented individuals and groups, I even had the opportunity to network with some of the entertainers. Most importantly, I was able to form new relationships with the E-Board and get more connected with the organization.


An interesting fact that I didn’t know about PB was that its been an RSO since almost the beginning of CMU. I’ve talked to alumni who remember PB and the events they’ve brought to campus. As I began volunteering and attending more events by PB it became aware to me the impact this organization has on campus. Students benefit every week from the programs and events put on through PB. They have the opportunity to create, meet people, have fun, relax, make memories, learn – enjoy their college experience to the fullest! I got to see my passion come to life and chased the aspiration of becoming an E-Board member for the 2017-2018 year.

So here I am, ready to jump into next year as Program Board’s Special Events Director beyond excited to achieve my ambitions of planning events for CMU students. Thank you Marissa for being that mentor, role model, and friend who inspired me to dream big and work hard. You’ve been more of a light in my life than you know.

[excuse my unsettling face, I haven’t quite figured out how to pose for “silly” pictures yet]

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