I know. Weird name right?

Hob Nobble Gobble is one of Detroit, MI’s finest black-tie events. It’s a tradition every fall for The Parade Company and Ford to host this event as America’s Thanksgiving Parade premier fundraiser. The holiday event is tailored to families with LOTS of fun entertainment throughout the night. Carnival rides and games, dancing elves, marching bands, inflatable characters, a dazzling buffet of Detroit’s finest foods, a special celebrity performance, and Santa Claus himself are just a little bit of what goes on at Hob Nob. This past holiday season, over 2,000 guests attended!

This event was literally the most magical and enchanting party I’ve ever been to. And the best part is that I was a volunteer.

One of the organizations I’m involved with on campus provided an opportunity for students to volunteer at the event. Hob Nob asks CMU students to help out with the event every year and I had been hearing from multiple professors that it was an amazing occasion. A group of about 20 students and I headed down to Ford Field, and let me tell you the venue looked like North Pole. I’ve never seen Ford Field as beautiful and glamorous as I did that night! We were able to speak with some of the entertainers, event planners, and volunteers and they all said it’s one of the most incredible events to be at every year. I was wondering why I hadn’t heard of this event before…

Have you ever volunteered for something that was so fun you didn’t feel like you were really volunteering? That was me the night of Hob Nob. Serving for that event confirmed my passion for people and event management and opened my eyes to the kinds of events I might be able to plan in the future. All of the guests were extremely polite and genuinely happy to be there with their families. I could tell this event was a big deal, it’s one of Detroit’s most memorable and loved events of the year and I’m so thankful I was able to be a part of it.

Being able to serve for this event was a huge opportunity. Anytime I get an invitation to visit Detroit I’m so excited because there’s no other place like it. Especially when I can lend a helping hand. Hob Nob was exactly what community focused events are supposed to be about – bringing community members of all ages together to enhance the quality of life and local economy. Without the contribution Hob Nob was able to make, America wouldn’t have had their Thanksgiving Parade and honestly what kind of country would we be without it?

Hob Nobble Gobble 2017, I’m coming for ya!


P.S. Did I mention I got to see FLO RIDA???

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