This year was my third and final year participating in and planning LEAD On Ice. This annual event is hosted by CMU’s Leadership Institute (LI) for purpose of bringing together all the many people involved in the institute for one night to spend quality time with each other. The last two years I’ve had the opportunity to serve on the Special Events LEAD Team to help organize the event (and many other events as well). This year the LI chose to give the event its own LEAD On Ice LEAD Team. People look forward to this event every year and just recently it’s been expanding to higher numbers in attendance. In the past, the event used to be called LAS On Ice and was only meant for the Leader Advancement Scholars. Last year, I decided to adapt the event, name is LEAD On Ice, and invite everyone who’s ever been involved in the LI. The event was such a success and one of my most favorite memories of the LI.

Planning this year’s LEAD On Ice was slightly bitter sweet because it was my last time being involved with the event, however I was excited to see the event run under new student’s leadership. Last year I was a chair of the team, this year I was a team member and was so interested to see how the event can improve even more from previous years. The new chairs brought fresh perspective and energy that I’ve never seen before with this event. Not only did they lead a team to put on a wonderful event, they created a great experience for each team member by making sure everyone was included on decision making and the planning process.

Since the purpose of this social event is to have fun, it’s important that the energy sparks from those leading the project. The chairs were passionate and excited to bring everyone together for LEAD On Ice. As a member on the team, their energy reflected onto me and others working on the event. I’ve always expressed to my own teams that if they are not excited about our event then no one else will be. It’s important to spark and grow that energy and passion on your team in order to get everyone else on board. It also helps in making the overall experience enjoyable for everyone.

With this team I had to learn how to step back and let others contribute work. Since I’ve been planning the event the last couple years I know the majority of what needs to be done to run it successfully. However, I wasn’t leading the event this year and therefore had to follow other’s directions. At times I wanted to interject my own thoughts but I knew the chairs were chosen to lead this team for a reason and they were more than qualified to their job. I enjoyed being a team player this year and cooperating with the others throughout the planning process.

My last LEAD On Ice ended on a bang and I was so glad I could work with a team to make it happen. It’s always incredibly rewarding to look around the room during an event and observe your hard work paying off.

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