My passion is people. I find myself living to help others find happiness in almost everything I do. I’ve always dedicated a lot of time to extracurricular activities and organizations. The clubs I participated in in high school, and even now, are centered around serving people in some way. Back home, I spent almost every Saturday evening serving at my church’s cafe. It brought me so much joy to see the familiar faces, and the new ones, every weekend and connect with each individual by providing them with a good cup of coffee. Over the summer, I worked as a barista at a coffee shop where our mission was to be happy, have fun, make friends, love people, and drink great coffee. Similar to how great it was to connect with people at my church, I had the opportunity to make a difference with every customer. It didn’t seem like a job to me, I truly loved getting to know people’s stories, who they are, what kind of day they’ve had, their plans for the weekend, etc. I could provide them with much more than a cup of coffee, I could be the only person all day that actually showed interest in their well being. I want to continue this pattern of serving people in a way that improves their quality of life.


I am also passionate about creating memories. This may seem vague but the reason I love creating memories is because you can create them anywhere, anytime and they last forever. I can look back at the many memories I’ve created and appreciate my life and the blessings I’ve had. Memories are great reminders to love life and cherish every moment. Being able to work in the recreation industry I know that I can help people create all kinds of special memories that will last forever. 


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