Hey there! My name is Olivia Franklin and I am a student at Central Michigan University pursuing a degree in Recreation and Event Management. I was born and raised in cereal city, Battle Creek, Michigan where the air smells of Frosted Flakes and Honeycomb cereal. I am the youngest of three daughters and an aunt of six beautiful children. Espresso, dogs, long drives, late nights, oxford commas, the 80’s, New Zealand, and Jesus Christ make my world go round. The three morals I live my life by are honesty, optimism, and service. I am a firm believer in laughter and having a positive attitude. My ultimate goal in life is to improve the quality of life of those I serve… and maybe travel to New Zealand and tour the Hobbiton Movie Set. I am FULL of weird quirks that many people find amusing, being relatable is one skill I’ll never get rid of. This blog is about my journey through college as I learn more about myself, adulting, and the world.

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