Hey there! My name is Olivia Franklin and I am a student at Central Michigan University pursuing a degree in Recreation and Event Management. I was born and raised in cereal city, Battle Creek, Michigan where the air smells of Frosted Flakes and Honey Comb. I am the youngest of three daughters and an aunt of five beautiful children. I am a lover of dry cappuccinos, dogs, long drives, late nights, oxford commas, the 80’s, New Zealand, and Jesus Christ. The three morals I live my life by are honesty, optimism, and service. I am a firm believer in laughter and having a positive attitude. My ultimate goal in life is to make people happy and lead people to Christ… and maybe travel to New Zealand and tour the Hobbiton Movie Set. I am FULL of weird quirks that many people find repulsive but I would say they are what make me ME. This blog is about my journey through college as I learn about myself, adulting, and the world.


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