I am so proud to call myself a Central Michigan University Chippewa. The first time I stepped foot on campus I fell in love immediately. CMU’s beautiful campus is full of wonderful people and endless opportunities. I am majoring in Recreation and Event Management with minors in Leadership and Marketing. When I tell people I am studying event management they typically ask if I want to become a wedding planner and while weddings are great, I have explain the many opportunities within the event management industry and what I actually plan on doing with my major.


My interest lies in planning large scale events such as concerts, festivals, sports games, and other special events. I want to use my minor in leadership to allow me to better serve people and leave a lasting impact in every organization I am a part of. I believe that having a marketing background will benefit me greatly because a successful event begins with successful promotion. A career in recreation would allow me to do what I love most which is improve the quality of life of others and help them create memories. Planning events and seeing the end result of bettering people’s lives gives me so much joy and satisfaction. Currently, my dream is to work as an event coordinator in Grand Rapids, MI. I am in love with the city and everything there is to do. It is one of the most event driven cities in the wonderful state of Michigan.


On campus, I am involved in two RSO’s (Registered Student Organization), Program Board and the Association of Recreation and Event Professionals, AREP. Being a Leader Advancement Scholar, I am also greatly involved in the Leadership Institute where I’m able to attend leadership programs, training, conferences, workshops, and leadership focused courses. I have had the opportunity to plan, attend, and volunteer at several different events and venues with these organizations.


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